Makers Competition

It's your time to shine lovely makers .. Join in the fun of our 'Summer Yarn Festival' and send us a picture of something AMAZING that you have created out of yarn. We will add you to our gallery and 1 lucky winner will receive a box FULL of yarn goodies - good luck ! 


Here is my entry for the competition. 

Yarn King Cole Merino Blend 4 ply. 


Being a mixedmedia artist and crocheter, well naturally two the world's collided. Of my Glamorized Fear Eggs series, this is one I'm particularly fond of.


Here is a photo of my most recent postbox topper that I've put on a local postbox to brighten people's days.

Hope it makes you smile :)


I’m sending my reach for the stars shawl love Jem's patterns and it’s in under the olive tree yarn from knitting needle lane. 


Here’s my entry.  This is the Rebel Shawl by Knit Graffiti - brioche is my absolute favourite knitting technique 💜 


GOAT Cowl using Emma’s Yarn (10g skeins)


Here is my entry for the competition. 

I finished these tonight. 

Pattern: Easy Mosaic socks by Winwick Mum

Yarn: WYS autumn leaves and WYS milk bottle, both signature 4 ply. 


I would like to enter your makers competition with my shawl Shawlography. The pattern is by Stephen West and I’m really proud of how it turned out! 


Having retired, I decided I would learn to crochet more than just a granny square and this gorgeous blanket is the result!


This snug is called “Yakap”, meaning “embrace” in Filipino. Modelled by my young teen so it looks really big on her, but fits me perfectly!

Yarn size: DK

Fabric: 100% wool

Example Entry 

A beautiful shawl created by Jem is featured in this spot.

Example Entry

A beautiful shawl created by Camilla in this spot.